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PostSubject: RULES OF THIS CLAN   Tue Mar 16, 2010 10:32 pm

Member Rules

Welcome to the iP Clan. As a member, you have expectations and responsibilities.

This list may be updated at any time. It is your responsibility to note any changes that affects you.

Clan refers the iP Clan in the text below.
You, your, yourself refers to the iP Clan member in the text below.

1) Displaying a Clan tag is A MUST.
You must follow the rules provided in Article Below.

2) This is how you put on your tag "iP | " It must be at the start of your name or seperated by a pipe (|) and space. It must display the letters i,P in series with no decoration in between. It must be separated by your player name or other clan tags with a space, pipe (|), space. IE: "iP |iHaiRiE" .

3) DO NOT CHANGE YOUR IGN (IN GAME NAME) Anyone who wishes to change their name must inform the CLAN LEADER and post at the forum.

4) If you are displaying any tag or links to the Clan, you are representing the Clan. Your actions correlate directly to others opinion of the Clan as well as yourself. If you portray a negative image of the Clan, you are subject to corrective action, which may include termination. This includes any game or community (online or offline). If you can be traced back to the Clan, this Section applies.

5) Never use Vulgarities/Foul Languages (“F***”, “B****” or more) or “Lan Ci” to other people.

6) YOU MUST APOLOGISE when you have done something wrong.
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